Points/Reward System

In all classes, we will be implementing a system where students earn points for good grades, which can be spent for a variety of rewards. Here are the details:

Scoring System

C on an assignment = 1 point

B on an assignment = 2 points

A on an assignment = 3 points

Also points offered to teams in Robotics & Creativity for different challenges & activities


Rewards (open to other suggestions)

Level Up = Song (School-appropriate) or Candy

2 points = Raffle Entry (do a survey to find out which rewards they would like)

5 points each = Pick your partner/team for a project/assignment

10 points = You record my voicemail (Must be appropriate)

15 points = “Free” Retake

20 points = Buy off a lunch detention

30 points = Cell phone day

40 points = Buy off an afterschool detention

50 points from everyone in class = Free Day


Donut Day – 1 raffle ticket for whole class each time everyone in a class has reached: 20 points, 40 points, 60 points, 80 points, etc. (Raffle drawn from among classes, winning class gets donut party)



Tardies = -1 point * (½ of your total number of tardies)

Restroom = -1 point

Missing homework = -2 points

Unprepared for class (No pencil, worksheets, or other materials) = -1 point

* I reserve the right to take away points for behavior issues


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