Side Quest: Create a New Gravatar from Scratch (Level 3 – Journeyman)

Completing this quest is worth 30 XP.

Before you even start this design, you need to spend at least a day looking at the problem more, finding inspiration, and brainstorming ideas.

In this quest, you will be creating a new gravatar with text and images that you have created totally on your own. The requirements for this Gravatar are:

  • Must be original (Use your own created graphic or a cool name – for example, I could use “EMC Designs” and include some sort of physics-related graphic; or I could do “McCullough Masterpieces”; use the Creative Process and brainstorm 5-10 ideas)
  • Use Adobe Illustrator
  • Should only use text and/or self-made graphics (no pictures off the internet OR symbols)
  • TAKE YOUR TIME! Nobody will be “finished” in a single day
  • Once you have “finished”, show your design to a classmate and share ideas for how you can add to (or take away from) your design to make it look even cleaner, cooler, and better! Some ideas include:
    • Play around with fonts
    • Try different ideas/designs
    • Keep exploring Illustrator to try to do new things
    • Play around with colors
    • Try different arrangements of objects

Don’t just fly right through this or try to jump right in and throw something together. Our first idea is often not our best. Take some time on the planning parts of the Creative Process before you do any “making.”

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