Main Quest: Color & Color Theory (Level 2 – Apprentice)

Completing this quest is worth 40 XP.

For this quest. you should read through the pages about Color Systems, the Color Wheel, Complementary Colors, and After Images on this website. A few things will repeat some things from the presentation in the Novice Quest about Color Theory, but most of this will be new and will fill in more details about how we can work with color.

Check Your Understanding

Take your first Gravatar that you created (using this video created by Mr. Skocko, teacher of the Mac Lab) and let’s create a color version of it! Choose a pair of complementary colors from your color wheel that you made in the first Color Theory quest. One color will replace the white in your background, the other will replace the black letter on your Gravatar. Once you have done this, upload your new image and set it as your Gravatar.

For help choosing complementary colors, you can use Adobe Kuler and choose “Complementary” as your Color Rule.

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