School Spirit Poster (Beginning)

Using the design skills we have learned so far, I would like you to create a poster with some sort of Blue Devil-related slogan. You should make your poster in Adobe Illustrator:

  • When you create a new file, set your size to Letter
  • Use the shape tools, line tools, and arc tools that we have learned to add some visual interest.
  • Include color in your design:
    • Blue Devil blue hex code: #2718C4
    • Blue Devil white hex code: #FFFFFF
    • Colors can be changed by double-clicking the color box at the bottom of the toolbar to the left of your screen. Fill in where you see the “#”Color-Picker

Possible ideas for slogans include:

  • Dear Old Zanesville High, We Love You
  • You’re the Right School, Blue and White School
  • One Goal, All In
  • #CountOnMe
  • Love Ya Blue
  • Ooh, Ah You Wish You Were a Devil
  • Once a Blue Devil, Always a Blue Devil
  • Any that you can think of!

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