Graphic Design

Welcome to the home page for ZHS’ Graphic Design course! I will try to keep this page up to date with what we are working on each week, assignments with upcoming due dates, and some examples of your work!

Here is a link to a digital copy of the book we will use to learn some basics of design.

The Non-Designer’s Design Book

Basic Information

Using this website

Three, Then Me Rule


Last Week (Sept. 2- Sept. 5)

Click here to get videos to make an Ace of Spades card.

Show What You’ve Learned!

Challenge: Can you create your own Ace of Clubs card? Try It!

Going Further

Use some of the other tools (Symbols, Paint Brush, etc.) in Illustrator to add some character to your card designs!

This Week (Sept. 8- Sept. 12)

Color Theory: The Meaning of Color. Follow through this Prezi that explains some of the common meanings and feelings associated with color.

Assignment: (On Google Classroom) Find an example of each color in designs and explain the meaning/feeling created by that color in the design.

Color Theory: Important Concepts and Terminology. (Here’s a video if you’d rather listen than read) Read through this article and look at the examples provided to explain some important vocabulary we use to describe color, such as Hue, Saturation, and Value.

Once you have read the second selection on Color Theory, take this quiz on Socrative. Class Number is 415803.

Video: Hands-on with some Color Terminology.

Color Theory, Part 3: Creating Color Schemes. Article or Video.

Assignment: Your own color scheme. (On Google Classroom) I would like you to create a color scheme on Adobe Kuler with 5 colors that you think match your personality.

Challenge: Try to use Illustrator to create a monochromatic design.

Show Your School Spirit!

Design a School Spirit Poster