Classroom Expectations

As we work together this semester, we will have some expectations of one another. These are necessary conditions for everyone to feel comfortable in class and to learn. All of my expectations and procedures fall under the categories of “use educational time as much as possible for learning” and “do not hinder/hurt the learning environment of any student, including yourself.” Students will also receive a chance to voice some expectations and needs for a productive class.

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

New cell phone policy this year! To eliminate distractions and temptations, students will place their cell phones into a chart on the wall with clear plastic pockets at the beginning of each class and will be able to retrieve their phone at the end of class. During class, these phones will always stay in the chart, unless given explicit permission from Mr. McCullough. Any violations will result in the phone being taken away and sent to the office until the end of the day, no questions asked.

Starting Class

This year, each class period has it’s own unique account on each computer. As soon as you come into class, I expect you to log in so that we aren’t losing out on class time once the bell rings. For anyone who comes into class and does not log in immediately, this will be considered as a tardy.


This semester, I will be tracking tardies (starting day 2). A tardy is considered any time you enter class after the bell rings without a pass or without having told me you would be late (going to the bathroom/getting water). If you are tardy, make sure to sign in on the tardy sheet before taking your seat. You get 3 “free tardies” each grading period. Once you have used your 3 tardies, you will begin losing Points (more on the Point/Reward System here). For every 5 tardies you receive, you will receive a lunch detention.

Talking/Lack of Attention

This one connects to the Point/Reward System. Talking/Lack of attention is a behavior that we would like to avoid. It loses you 1 point each time I have to address it.

“Play Until the Whistle Blows”

This means, use every second available to you to keep learning and exploring! So don’t take pauses in the action as a chance to chat and don’t start packing up 5 minutes before the bell rings.

Restroom Use

Only one person of each gender will be allowed to use the restroom at a time. Students leaving to use the restroom will take one of the approved passes with them (keyboard or calculator). When visiting the restroom, you will also sign in and out on the clipboard in class. You will have 10 free passes to use the restroom each grading period. After you’ve used up those “free passes,” then you’ll lose 1 Point per visit. Special considerations will be made for students with documented medical needs.

Three, Then Me

In all of my classes, chances are you will probably end up having a lot of questions. To make myself more available to those of you with tough questions or who are seriously stuck, I am implementing a rule called “Three, then me.” What this means is- if you have a question, you must ask three other students before you ask me. This will save you time and it will save me time. Plus it’s a great way to get to know one another better!

Have a Positive Attitude, an Open Mind, and Have Fun!

This class is an elective, meaning you really don’t have to take it. Therefore, let yourself learn something new and exciting and enjoy yourself while doing it! I am here to help and watch you all succeed!


Every choice we make in life has a consequence. Sometimes our choices result in very happy consequences, sometimes our choices result in consequences that we don’t enjoy. Each student and situation in my class is individual and unique. As such, I will assign consequences uniquely based upon each unique choice made by my students.

Any questions/concerns can be voiced before or after class, during my lunch (7th period) or 2nd period. Parents may contact me at

Mr. McCullough