About Me

Hello, my name is Evan McCullough, and I am a second-year teacher at Zanesville High School in Zanesville, Ohio. This year, I will be teaching semester long courses in Creativity, Graphic Design, Computer Programming (Intro to CS), Robotics, Foundations of Computing, and Computer Hardware. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012 and am currently finishing up my Master of Arts in Teaching at Muskingum University.

In addition to my education, I have worked two internships in the field of Computer Engineering, one at Robotic Systems & Technology, a small startup in New York City and one at, Brunner, an advertising firm in Pittsburgh, PA.

About This Website

This website is an expansion my first attempt at taking my classroom online & adding some game aspects into our learning. I am sure there will be stumbling blocks as we go along, but I look forward to the challenge and hope to help students find and develop a passion for learning, in addition to valuable career and life skills. In creating this site, I’m drawing inspiration from a few different sources:

  • The Mac Lab – An online, gamified graphic design classroom in California created & developed by Mike Skocko, the teacher in the Mac Lab.
  • Adobe Education Exchange – An online resource for teachers to create and share lessons & ideas, hosted and supported by Adobe, who create Photoshop and the other design products that we use in class.

Last year, this site was used exclusively for my Photoshop classes. This year, I plan to use it as a reference point for all of my classes. We will see where it goes!


Suggestions and feedback as we go along on this journey will be much appreciated and can be sent to me through this site or by email at emccullough@zanesville.k12.oh.us.