May 19th-May 23rd (Last Week for Seniors)

This week we will be working on designing various flyers as we work up to a final design of a flyer for graduation in honor of the seniors, who will be leaving us at the end of this week. We will start out giving it a go on your own and then work our way up to the final design.

Monday, May 19th

Today, I would like you to create your own flyer for any event you would like (school appropriate, of course). You could create a flyer for a concert, a sports event, a fundraiser, a graduation party, or any number of events you might think of. Once you have finished your design, share it with a friend or neighbor and get his or her feedback. What does he/she like? What does he/she think you might improve upon? We will use this flyer as a starting point and, hopefully, by the end of the week you will be able to see some real improvement!

Tuesday, May 20th

Today, we will begin using the Non-Designer’s Design Book to learn some of our design principles a little better. You can access a digital copy of the book online right…………….


This is a process here, so make sure you have finished last Friday’s Blizzard Bag and yesterday’s flyer design before you start this.

Things to do today:

  • Read Chapters 1 & 2 in the Non-Designer’s Design Book
  • Use what you have learned about proximity to improve the flyer for our Spring Concert Series that I have shared with you on Google. Download it to your computer and fix it to look better.

Wednesday, May 21st

Today, we will be working again with the Non-Designer’s Design Book to learn some more about alignment. You should browse the chapter on alignment and pay attention to some of the examples. You can access the book here.

Once you have read the chapter, open the Kitteh Korner flyer that I have shared with you on Google Docs and try to give the flyer some better alignment. You can eliminate some or all of the images if you see fit.

Email me with any questions you have. I will try to check my inbox frequently.

Friday, May 23rd

You can use today as a make-up day for the rest of the week. If you have been working hard up to this point and are all caught up, enjoy a day off as a reward for your hard work. If not, make sure you are using this time wisely to get some work done and get caught up here. Make sure you are putting your best effort into your work to get the best possible grade.

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