May 8th, 2014

Calling All Motivated Designers, Photographers, and


I am currently looking for students who would be interested in meeting over the summer to create animations and screens for our scoreboard for next year’s football & soccer seasons. Mr. Ulbrich is willing to work to award academic credit for your work done over the summer and participation will get you opportunities to learn some digital animation. Any member of the Scoreboard Design Squad will also be eligible to go to Columbus next fall to tour Nationwide Arena and see how they run their scoreboard systems during live Columbus Blue Jackets games.

Additionally, the girls soccer team is seeking a student who is willing to be the team’s videographer for this upcoming season. This videographer would travel with the team, filming all games, and would receive a varsity letter for his/her work.

Anyone interested in either of these opportunities should talk to me.

Gotta Get Down on Friday!

Today, you should either continue on with one or more of the tutorials posted here yesterday, or you can create a layout of a screen that will play on the football video board for this weekend’s Hall of Fame induction. Your Hall of Fame layout should be 1600px x 900px and include a space for a picture, the inductee’s name, “Class of 2014,” and some sort of logo for the Hall of Fame using the Devil Head.


While I Am Out Thursday

While I am out today, you should use your time in class to complete a new tutorial. For those who didn’t quite understand, a tutorial is a set of step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to do something. In this case, these tutorials will teach you how to create something cool in Photoshop or Illustrator. Most of these tutorials will show pictures of your design at each step so that you can make sure you are doing things correctly, too.

Last week many of you worked on designs such as graduation cards or wedding invitations and came up with some cool designs. Today, I’ve got a new set of tutorials for you to check out with some cool designs they are teaching you! Check out the links below to find something you like!


A Variety of Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials

Photo Manipulation – Lady Swimming Under Ship

Fake Magazine Cover

Horror Movie Poster

Put Yourself in a Picture with a Celebrity

Variety of Different Tutorials


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