Week 9 (3/4/14 – 3/7/14)

Another Shortened Week…

Here we are at another shortened week. We will continue on with our studies of color and some of our personal logos this week. We will also spend some time learning how to work with Adobe Illustrator, which will be useful as we continue through this unit. I will be spending time this week (and probably next week) going around and talking to people again about the grades that you have earned over the past couple of weeks. That will probably be our last grade in the books for this nine weeks (or however much we really ended up with after all of the snow days).

Just like last week, I will be adding quests in as we go along. I will add in dates next to each quest that lets you know when I added them. If you think of a better way to let you know which quests are new, please let me know in a comment on this post. Otherwise, here we go on another week!



  1. More On Color (Level 3 – Journeyman) [3/4/14]: This will cover some more information about how we can create effective color combinations. [60 XP]
  2. Applying Color (Level 4 – Expert) [3/6/14]: Now we will explore using some of these concepts that we have learned in actual designs! [80 XP]


  1. Create Your Own, Totally New Logo! (Level 3 – Journeyman) [3/4/14]: Here you will start creating your own logo from scratch (meaning you won’t use any pictures or designs that have already been created). This is going to be a long, difficult process, but should result in some very cool work! [30 XP]

Logo Design

  1. Create a Company (Level 1 – Novice) [3/5/14]: Create your own company and fill in our spreadsheet to talk about what your company does/makes, along with some other important pieces of information. [10 XP]

The Creative Process

  1. Gather Inspiration (Level 1 – Novice) [3/5/14]: The first step of our creative process is often to gather inspiration for our project to help us come up with our own original ideas. Here you will collect some inspiration to help you find ideas for your logos. [10 XP]

Adobe Illustrator

  1. Click here to see how to find the Paint Bucket.
  2. [3/7/14] This is a GREAT resource for learning how to use many of the tools and do some cool things in Illustrator. The lessons use Illustrator CS3, which is a few years (and versions) older than our current version, but there is still a lot of useful information.


  1. How comfortable are you with design principles?

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