Week 8 (2/24/14-2/28/14)

Moving On!

With the end of your final collages last Friday, we are now done with our collage unit and moving on! If you still need to finish up your collage, you need to talk to me to set up time during mentoring and/or a study hall to come in and finish working on your design. I will give you until this Friday (Feb. 28) and then it will go into the gradebook as a 50 if I haven’t received your email.


Starting today, we will begin moving into our next unit of study – logos (link goes to a definition of logos)!  We can find logos all over the world around us, but we most often think of the logos that companies use to help us recognize their products. Here are some examples of logos that many of us often see.

We will start our process by creating some logos for ourselves, will move into learning some more things about Photoshop and a new program, Illustrator, and will progressively design better and better logos!

Without further ado, let’s get into our new topic of study!


Make sure you track your progress in your Google XP Spreadsheet AFTER each quest you complete.

  • What’s that? Some of you STILL haven’t created an XP spreadsheet and shared it with me? Anyone without this done by Wednesday will have some time with me after school Thursday to make sure it is done.

Clean Up Your Desktop (Apprentice): Already posted one video about this, but apparently some didn’t quite understand (or, more likely, didn’t watch) [20 XP]

Create Your Own Folder (Apprentice): Another one we’ve already gone over in a video, but many people aren’t using their folders or are using other peoples’) [20 XP]

Three Then Me (Apprentice): You need to be asking classmates for help and simple answers before you ask me. [20 XP]

XP Challenge: The class with the most total XP will win either a pizza party or donut party (your choice)!

The Clipboard

  1. Copying & Pasting (Novice): A basic intro into the many ways you can copy and paste on the Macs. [10 XP]
  2. Using the Clipboard with Photoshop (Apprentice): Once we have copied an image to the clipboard, there are some tricks we can use in Photoshop! [20 XP]

Bookmark Important Pages

  1. Creating a bookmark folder (Novice): Create a bookmark folder with your name and your links [10 XP]
  2. Adding in bookmarks (Apprentice): You will learn to bookmark important pages (this website, your Google Drive, your XP Sheet) and save them in your bookmark folder. [20 XP]
  3. Managing your bookmarks (Journeyman): You will learn how to remove bookmarks, edit them, and move them around if you save them in the wrong folder. [30 XP]


  1. Set up a Gravatar Account (Novice): Basic setup for an account you can use to set up a logo for yourself on here. [10 XP] | Gravatar.com
  2. Create your first Gravatar (Novice): I am sending you to a lesson created by Mike Skocko, a teacher in California. All of the work for this video was done by him. His guide is very good and you should follow his instructions in the video directly. Your final product should be a 512px by 512px white design with the first letter of your first name in black. [10 XP]


  1. Leave a comment (Novice): Comment on this post with either a question, a suggestion for improvement, or feedback on something you like. [10 XP]


  1. Set up a WordPress Blog (Novice): This blog will take the place of your current Weebly site. Today you will just do some basic setup of your site. [10 XP]


  1. Color Theory (Novice): Our beginning lesson about color. This covers some basic ideas and theories behind how color works and how we can use it. [20 XP]
  2. Color & Color Theory (Apprentice): This will go over some of our topics again from Quest 1’s presentation, but will also fill in more detail to help us better understand how to work with colors. [40 XP]

Adobe Illustrator

  1. (Optional – This means, if you are all caught up today, do this. If you’re not caught up, this won’t be one you need to make up.) Play Around with Illustrator: If you are “all done,” take some time and mess around with Illustrator to try to figure out some things about how it works. [10 XP]

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