Week 7 (2/18/14 – 2/21/14)

Nearing The End of Collages

We’ve spent quite a while here on collages, and I feel like it is about time for us to move on to something fresh and new. So what we are going to do is spend the rest of this week creating our final collages, which will be counted for a grade. These collages will use a theme of your own choosing (some of you already told me a theme you would like to do, but you can always change that if you would like to). You should use at least 3 of the design principles that we learned about over the past few weeks (Levels 2, 3, and 4).

If you haven’t finished some of the older quests, don’t worry about it. Go with what you know so far (and you can always look at the quests you haven’t touched for extra help). You will get your pictures for this quest online, so you won’t need to take any pictures.

See below for the project description.

Note: If anyone knows where any of our lens caps have wandered off to, I would greatly appreciate it if you could help them find their way home. We have somehow gotten down to only 2 lens caps on all 6 of our cameras. I assume this has just been an honest mistake where the cap was in a pocket when you left class. You certainly won’t be in trouble, I would just like to get those back on the cameras.


Final Collage: This will be a design centered around a theme of your choosing. [Effort-based grade]

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