Week 6 (02/10/14 – 02/14/14)

Hope for a Full Week

Since we missed so much of last week, we will just continue on this week with the same quests as last week. I may end up adding a few new quests, depending on how quickly it seems like people are moving.


See the Week 5 post for this week’s quests.

Main Quests

Image Composition – Level 4: This is a new set of pictures that you will take covering three new principles of photography (Balance, Tone, and Rule of Thirds) [80 XP]

Before you do anything Friday (Feb. 14), please send me an email telling me what grade you think you have earned so far (unless I have already talked to you) and explaining why you think you have earned that grade. Some things to include in your explanation are:

  • The effort you have put into taking your pictures
  • The effort you have put into creating your collages
  • How much you have paid attention to the video quests posted
  • How much you have followed instructions for assignments posted on the class blog
  • How much time you have spent socializing or otherwise off-task
  • How much you are truly pushing yourself to do your best work, rather than just getting things done as quickly as possible.

For help figuring out the grade you feel that you have earned, refer to the course grading policy.

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