Week 3 – Taking Shape (01/21- 01/24)

Many Happy Returns

Happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone got to enjoy the long weekend and get some much-needed rest. This weekend gave me a chance to sit down and think about how things have worked so far this semester and where I would like to go from here. Before we start into how we will move ahead, I have just a couple of points looking back over the first week and a half of this experiment.

READ THE POSTS! – Since you are reading this  right now, you’re probably not one of the people  it is talking to. However, feel free to let your  non-reading friends know that I will no longer answer the questions “What are we doing?”, “What do I do now?”, or “What did I miss?”

“What are we doing?”/”What do I do now?” – EVERY DAY I will add into the blog post for the week. EVERY DAY there will be activities listed under the section titled “Quests. EVERY DAY you should be working on those quests or any quest(s) you didn’t finish from the day(s) before. I have a much more detailed plan figured out for the next 3 weeks and hope to have plenty of quests available very soon. That means you should never run out of things to do. If you do, come see me and we will figure out how you can start to refine and improve upon your work. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE “DOWN TIME,” SO I SHOULD NEVER SEE PHONES OUT (Even just sitting on the desk- Put it away! There’s no need for it to be out!)

“What did I miss?” – Much like the questions above, EVERYTHING you need to do will always be listed in the “Quests” section. If you miss a day or two, look back to the days you missed and start on those Quests.

ON GRADING – Watch this video (on it’s way)

Moving Forward

Over the next three weeks (today – Feb. 7) you will be (still) working on an overall unit of collagesThat adds up to 14 days, which we will split like this:

  • 11-12 days: Learning about everything that goes into creating collages, including:
    • Photography/Digital Images
      • Image Composition (we started this last week)
      • Types of images (we started this last week, too)
      • Image File Types (yup, talked about it last week)
      • Important Terms for Digital Images (you guessed it, started last week)
    • Photoshop Skills for Working with Digital Images
    • Design Principles (started this one last week, as well)
    • General Information (housekeeping)
  • 2-3 days: Final collage project (based on a theme of your choosing)

We will fill in the details more as we go along.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 (01/21/14) Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Today we will start into all of our lessons that will build up to our collage project. Here’s how things will work: You will be working in a bit of a cycle here over the next 12 days. First, you will learn some information about image composition and take some “practice” pictures. Second, you will upload those pictures to your computer and delete them off your camera. Third, you will learn a new skill or two in Photoshop. Fourth, you will use your photos that you have taken to work on some design principles. I will also throw in some general information, too.

I will divide up the principles of image composition and design into levels (based on how complex they are). You will start at level 02 for each and work up through the levels. Therefore, as an example, over the next 2-4 days, you will work on:

  • Image Composition (Level 2) – Learning about them and taking pictures
  • Photoshop Skills (see below) – Learning and practicing these
  • Design Principles (Level 2) – Learning about these and creating collages to practice
  • General Information – As needed/to fill what you might call “down time”

To do the Image Composition lesson, you will need to use a camera. You will do all of this on your own, so we need to work to share the cameras effectively. So, you have a 20-minute time limit with the camera for each lesson (we can adjust this if it is not enough). This means that two groups of people (12 people, since we have 6 cameras) should get to use the cameras each day. We will sort out issues of who gets the camera based on need. That 20 minutes you get covers taking your pictures, uploading them to the computer, and deleting them off of your camera. Once your time is up, you need to give your camera to someone else. If you need more camera time, let me know and you can come in during mentoring. 

Some of the quests over the next three weeks will be optional (many will be the Expert- and Mastery-level quests). Most of you will not be expected to complete those unless you wish to learn more. However, some of you will be expected to make it through that higher-level learning to show me that you really are giving your best effort (aka earn an A).

If you are waiting for a camera to do the Image Composition quest, go through any Photoshop Skills quests or General Information quests.


Finish up anything you did not get done last week (Photography principles, Design principles, Image Types, Image File Types, Important Terms).

Optional: Uploading Pictures & Deleting Originals (if you know that you can already do this, you don’t need to do this quest)

Image Composition: 02

Photoshop Skills:

  • Selection Tools: 01 | 02 (available tomorrow 1/23)

General Information:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Alright, today you will continue on with what we started yesterday. Those of you who did not get to use the cameras yesterday, do that today. Your directions are under quest “Image Composition: 02.” If you did get to use the cameras yesterday, you will move on to “Design Principles: 02” and start working on a collage using those pictures you took yesterday. Every day when you come in, you should be going back to any quests from previous days that you need to finish, then move on to that day’s. Don’t skip old quests just to “keep up.”


Design Principles: 02

On Grading: The video is actually here today

Keeping Track: 02 | 03

Quest System: 02 | 03

Photoshop Skills:

  • Selection Tools: 01 | 02

Friday, January 24, 2014

Today will be a catch-up/refine our work day for us. So, if you still have quests to work on, keep at those. If you are “done,” let me know so that I can look at what you have so far.

Happy Friday!

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